Tp-Link Extender Troubleshooting

If your wireless network is not able to reach every corner of your home because of the thick walls you will need a repeater or extender to extend the coverage of the wifi network. A lot of factors such as household appliances, thick walls and distance can result in slow wifi coverage or dead zones. To minimize such dead spots, TP-Link wireless extender is the best option.

As the name suggests, range extender takes the signal from the router and then transmit the signal to the areas with no or less network range.  TP-Link extender is considered to be the best wireless extender for getting the proper range. The extenders extend the reach of the wireless signal beyond its usual coverage. They help you keep your mobile phones, tablets, iPads, and laptops connected to wifi with a reliable connection.

If you are facing any issues related to TP-Link extenders, find solutions in this blog as we try to troubleshoot them for you.

Troubleshoot TP-Link Repeater:

You may encounter the following possible issues while configuring the TP-Link wireless extenders. We are providing solutions for some of the possible problems.

Not being able to access the login page of the extender even after typing in the address bar of the browser:

If you are not able to access the login page of TP-Link range extender then;

Check your connection and make sure that your computer is connected to the network of the extender.

Your PC must be capable of getting automatically the IP Address. If not, then make this thing by changing the settings of your PC.

If you are still not getting the login page of your extender through the web address then try once more by using the default IP Address.

If all of that doesn’t work, the last option left to do is to reset your extender.

Don’t know how to reset the extender:

reset extender

If you want to reset your extender to its factory settings then take a sharp object like a pin or paper clip and hold the reset hole located on the back of the extender for about ten seconds and then release it.

TP-Link extender not working properly:

If your TP-Link range extender is not working properly then you might have placed it at the wrong location.

An ideal location to place your wireless extender is half-way between your computer and wireless router. The extender must be within the wireless range of your wireless router.

What is the default IP address to log into the web interface of my wireless extender?

The default IP address to log into the web interface of TP-Link Wireless Extender is or

Where can I find the reset button on my TP-Link Extender?

The reset button is at the back of your TP-Link router. It is a small black hole at the back of the extender.

These were some of the issues you may encounter while configuring the extender that we tried to troubleshoot for you. TP-Link repeater is the best wireless extender available in the market. It expands the network coverage of your wifi.  It turns your dead zones into fun zones. In case, there was something which we missed to cover in this blog, feel free to contact us on our toll-free number or send us mail, we will be more than happy to assist you.